Monday, August 31, 2009


The Wonders of Space are endless and miles away from our humble abodes. Dancing planets and star-studded nebulae laugh playfully so very close, thanks to the research of the brave, inquisitive dreamers we call astronauts and scientists, but yet so very far…millions of miles away, to be exact. But the Amazing Kids! Online Magazine has just brought the boundaries of space just a little closer to home in our 31st, Fall issue: To Space and Beyond! Check it out to see everything and anything about outer space, as well as wonderful and fantastically cool writing, art, and poems by kids just like you!

We hope you enjoy discovering the endless boundaries of space in our NEW issue: To Space and Beyond! If you do, let us know by writing:! Special thanks to the Amazing Kids! Youth Online Magazine Staff who made this issue possible, and Ms. Rome, our adult advisor, for encouraging and inspiring us! BIG THANK YOU’s to our writers and wonderful staff: You guys are “Out of This World!”

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