Thursday, April 15, 2010

13 Year old Amazing Kid! Jordan Romero Climbing Mt. Everest!

WOW!!! Check out 13-year-old Amazing Kid! Jordan Romero as he attempts to become the youngest person ever to climb Mt. Everest!

Jordan was our Amazing Kid! of the Month way back in December of 2006 (, when he was just 10 years old!

All this time, he has kept his sights on his dream: scaling the top of all 7 of the world's highest summits! Now that Jordan has scaled the other 6 highest peaks, he is now on his way with his amazing parents and support team to the top of Mt. Everest!

All of us at Amazing Kids! wish Jordan a safe and amazing adventure up to the top of Everest! We are proud of you, Jordan and we're rooting for you! Go, Jordan!

Check out Jordan's blog with updates here:

Check out Jordan's amazing photo stream on Flickr here:

What do you think about Jordan's attempt to scale Mt. Everest? Let us know! Leave a comment below. Thanks! :-)

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Mark Smith said...

You can keep up with Jordans lastest phonecasts most immediately here we've just had one in an hour ago - but time delays (you guys should be asleep right now) means it won't appear on the pages till you wake up! Click the 'follow this channel' button and you will get an e-mail when the call comes in live.

Regards Mark (ipadio)