Monday, November 16, 2009

2 NEW Contests: 2nd Annual Launch My Dream T-Shirt Design and Essay Contest AND Through the Lens of Amazing Kids! Photography Contest

They’re live! Amazing Kids! has two new contests for kids, and the prizes are AWESOME. Check em’ out!

The 2nd Annual LMD T-Shirt Design Contest

Sponsored by All Children’s Furniture, has just begun! Winning prize is a Razr Pro Model Scooter. AND the winning design will be sold on t-shirts in our Zazzle Store, with a percentage of the sales going to help the winner launch their amazing dream! Check out last year’s winning tee designed by Katie Stagliano, and then Enter the Contest! We look forward to seeing what your beautiful designs and dreams!

Through the Lens of Amazing Kids! Photography Contest, 2009

Capture a moment of a charitable cause or event you’ve been involved in via camera!
What is your ‘mighty cause’? Take a photo and let us know! Winners will get a copy of “Change the Way You See Things, for Teens”, by world renown co-author and Emmy Award-winning producer, Hank Wasaik. Be sure to include a paragraph or two about the picture, and then enter today!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tips on Getting Published, by Sylvan Dell Publishing Editor-in-Chief, Donna German

We'd like to welcome Donna German, Editor-in-Chief of Sylvan Dell Publishing ( to do a special guest blog for us and all of our readers on getting published. Please enjoy, and thank you, Mrs. German, and all the folks at Sylvan Dell, for making so many amazing books!

First, let me say that I have been on the author side of submissions, and I vividly recall the 27 rejections that I received prior to my first “yes!” I know that you have written a manuscript that is near and dear to your heart. I also know that you can “see” it in published form and that there is a frustration with the whole submission process – not only to Sylvan Dell but to other publishers as well. Hopefully this will help you to understand what editors/publishers need/look for in submissions.

Please understand that the submission process is overwhelming for editors, too. I receive more submissions in a single day (seven days a week) than we publish in a year! I can’t imagine what editors at the large publishing houses receive! Also, please understand that reading submissions and selecting the list is just one of the many jobs that an editor does.

I try to read all submissions within a few days, and I either reject or tend to hold those which have some possibilities. As the year progresses, I try to keep the number down and will periodically cull the list.

This is a very bizarre business, and if you are still waiting for your first break, I recommend that you start reading books about how to market your book. That might help you in understanding what it is that editors/publishers are looking for when they select manuscripts. Don't forget that this is a business – not just your art of writing. The authors who survive (and thrive) in this business are the ones that truly understand that and commit to doing what it takes.

ABOUT DONNA GERMAN: Like many women, Donna German wears and has worn many hats during her life: Navy wife, mother, NY Times bestselling cookbook author, children’s book author, editor and co-owner of Sylvan Dell, stock broker, and even historic Charleston carriage driver. While her husband, Lee, who is retired from the Navy, constantly complained that she didn’t need to bring the Library of Congress along with them on their boat, she often did. The boat may have sat lower in the water because of it, but everyone always had something to read! Now that Donna’s 2 daughters are grown, she shares her passion with other families through Sylvan Dell books. Visit their site:

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Amazing Kids! - Amazing Evan Ducker on Doritos Bags and Jonas Brothers Website!!!

Congratulations to Amazing Kid! Evan Ducker, age 15 (our November 2008 Amazing Kid! of the Month)!

Evan Ducker, along with his "International Buddy Booby's Birthmark Read-Along for Tolerance and Awareness" project and book, is currently featured on 44 million Doritos bags, available NOW in grocery stores across the country!!!

The promotion is part of the "Do Something" campaign -- which named Evan one of the "Top 12 Youth World Changers" in 2009!

The Jonas Brothers feature Evan Ducker and Buddy Booby's Birthmark on their charity website, Change for the Children here:

Congratulations again, Evan! We think you're amazing! :-)

Your friends at Amazing Kids!