Monday, August 31, 2009


The Wonders of Space are endless and miles away from our humble abodes. Dancing planets and star-studded nebulae laugh playfully so very close, thanks to the research of the brave, inquisitive dreamers we call astronauts and scientists, but yet so very far…millions of miles away, to be exact. But the Amazing Kids! Online Magazine has just brought the boundaries of space just a little closer to home in our 31st, Fall issue: To Space and Beyond! Check it out to see everything and anything about outer space, as well as wonderful and fantastically cool writing, art, and poems by kids just like you!

We hope you enjoy discovering the endless boundaries of space in our NEW issue: To Space and Beyond! If you do, let us know by writing:! Special thanks to the Amazing Kids! Youth Online Magazine Staff who made this issue possible, and Ms. Rome, our adult advisor, for encouraging and inspiring us! BIG THANK YOU’s to our writers and wonderful staff: You guys are “Out of This World!”

Friday, August 28, 2009

Do Something Good before September 1st

Cincinnati Innovates, a prestigious award with multiple categories, including a student inventor division, and right now, the online voting for each and every age category is about to come to a close, this September.

Why is Amazing Kids! excited about this event? Our very own Jr. Asst. Editor, Natalie, is among the contestants! Vote for her now! What’s at stake? Only a few thousand dollars! And time is counting down quickly; vote for Natalie as soon as possible, before September 1st! Go Natalie!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our two new contests, coming soon, and our new Fall issue of the Amazing Kids! Online Magazine!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Never Thought You'd Travel Here and Be Back in Time for Dinner...Until Now!

(Left) Llamas in Peru, overlooking Machu Picchu, one of the rare wonders of South America! Photo by Jerry Daykin
Summer is almost over for most of the kids across America, but as back-to-school sweeps the land, we hope you’ll find some time to do a little armchair-traveling! Don’t worry: While the author of the articles had to endure a long trip, plane rides, and perilous adventures, for you, adventure’s only a click away!

In the soaring, sky-high mountains of Brazil, South America, there lays a deserted city, enshrouded in mystery and historical wonder: Machu Picchu. Perhaps even more wonderful than this ancient city is the tales of the travels there…all through a kids’ eye-view! Feel the rush, adventure, and awe of traveling to a treasure of the ancient remains of a civilization, lost in the pages of history, in Brazil. Experience the culture, and read up on some pretty neat (and perilous!) journeys through the chronicled adventures of a kid who got to see it all…and sent back the photographs for everyone to enjoy! Read all about it on National Geographic Kids’ blog, and enjoy the adventure from the comfort of your home! Who knows? Maybe you’ll need the tips, especially if you go there yourself, someday!

Speaking of photography, keep your cameras on (as long as they don’t run out of battery juice! :-)); Amazing Kids! will soon be hosting a photography contest for kids who do amazing things next month! Check back soon for the details!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Special Thanks from Amazing Kid! Katie Stagliano!

We just received this "Thank You!" from Katie Stagliano, age 10!

Katie was our March 2009 Amazing Kid! of the Month and the winner of our First Annual Launch My Dream! T-Shirt Design Contest.

It's so exciting and such an honor for us to know that our Amazing Kids! of the Month and Launch My Dream! kids like Katie are getting the recognition and support they so richly deserve! Together, we can help many more kids like Katie launch their amazing dreams!

Thanks for sharing your story, Katie! :-)

"My name is Katie Stagliano. I’m 10 years old and have a dream of no hungry children. I am making my dream a reality by starting vegetable gardens and donating the harvest to local soup kitchen and homeless shelters to help feed people in need.

I was the winner of the first ever Amazing Kids! Launch my Dream t-shirt design contest.

My winning design was:
My Dream…..No Hungry Children (front of shirt)

It will only take a seedling! (back of shirt)

Katie wearing her Launch My Dream! T-Shirt and Hoodie

Amazing Kids! has really helped me promote my dream and make it a reality. It has been really wonderful to see my friends and family in their Very Meri shirts that I designed!!!!

Since I won the contest I have received numerous awards and honors such as:

1) Being selected as a ‘Build-A-Bear Huggable Hero’

Katie with her gift bears
from Build-A-Bear
(check out the cute mini
Launch My Dream! T-shirt they made
for her bear on the right!) ;-)

I went to St. Louis, Missouri and met the other amazing 11 kids, participate in a professional photo shoot, take part in a leadership program, paint a mural at Mason School, and make wonderful new friends. [Click here to watch a news video about it!]

2) I was a store finalist from Kohl's Kids Who Care Scholarship Program.

3) My dream received a Quaker Go Grant to start a new garden which will be located in my neighborhood.

4) I was featured on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on the ‘Making a Difference’ segment. [Click here to watch the video!]

5) I went on a trip to Florida to be a guest at the NAED Convention with two other great Amazing girls, where I was recognized by Robroy Industries as being Extraordinary, the next generation,

6) This month [August] I am featured as a Zorbitz Karma Kid of the Month.

7) My story has been in many newspapers articles and I have made several television appearances locally.

Every bit of recognition has helped my cause. I now have actual funds to help with the gardens that help feed people in need in my community. Many people have read the articles or seen me on TV and offered to help my cause. I have grown and collected over 900 lbs. of healthy food that was donated to The Palmetto House, a homeless shelter in Summerville, South Carolina and Tri County Family Ministries, a soup kitchen in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Being the first winner of the Amazing Kids! Launch my Dream T-shirt Design Contest has been a real honor and I can’t thank Ms. Alyse from Amazing Kids! and Meri, from Very Meri enough!!!! I can honestly say that my dream has been launched!"

By: Katie Stagliano, age 10

Editor's Note:

You can help Amazing Kids! support Katie's dream of "No Hungry Children," by buying her Launch My Dream! t-shirt or hoodie here:

Proceeds benefit hunger relief organizations and the Launch My Dream! Initiative, which is helping kids like Katie launch their dreams!

Thank you for your support!

The Amazing Kids! Team