Thursday, April 23, 2009

Congratulations to Amazing Kid! Katie Stagliano (Amazing Kid! of the Month, March 2008)!

Katie appeared on NBC Nightly News last night, April 22! If you missed it, you can watch it on the website or on

Katie (and her family!) did a wonderful job! We are so proud of Katie here at Amazing Kids! and we are continuing to help her launch her dream of "No Hungry Children" through our website and through the sales of her "No Hungry Children" t-shirt.

If you haven't purchased your t-shirt yet, there is still time! is still taking orders until June 1, so hurry and get yours today! Katie will be donating her 1/2 of the proceeds to hunger relief organizations; the other half goes to supporting Amazing Kids!' Launch My Dream! initiative, so we can continue to help more kids like Katie launch their dreams for their amazing future!

Here's the link where you can buy Katie's shirt:

Thank you for supporting Katie's beautiful dream, No Hungry Children!

Make it an Amazing day!

Warmest wishes,

Alyse Rome
Amazing Kids! - Helping Kids! Realize Their Potential, One Kid at a Time(TM)

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KidsWhoInspire said...

Katie's story shows us that one person can make a difference. Each contribution is important, and with the power of the Internet can be multiplied many times over.

Congratulations, Katie!