Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Through the Storm: Amazing Kids! PenPals Fosters Lifelong Friends

(LEFT) Amazing Young Hurricane Survivors from Estelle Elementary School,
in Louisiana, holding their letters to their Amazing Kids! PenPals
in California

What would you do if your friend was in trouble? Nearly 4 years ago, a Hurricane Katrina swept over Louisiana, ruining houses and buildings forever. Lots of kids who lived in Louisiana needed a good friend as the aftermath became clear, but all of the kids around them were equally as devastated by the hurricane, and needed a friend, too.

Amazing Kids! quickly went to work, and Alyse Rome, Founder and President began the Amazing Kids! PenPals Program, which has connected countless friends across the world and is still active, today, for any kid who wants to join!

“The Amazing Kids! PenPals for Hurricane Survivors Program is the lightening-rod that encouraged Estelle students to write their stories, in letter form, to share with a new pen pal friend,” said the teachers at Estelle Elementary School in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

It was a truly touching experience for everyone involved; kids who had been devastated now had a hope, a friend, and best of all, a kid their own age to share their feelings with. It clearly worked, and kids are still benefiting from their friendships with their Amazing Kids! PenPal, today! You can have a PenPal, too!

What do you think about friends? How would you help kids hurting from a hurricane? Do you think writing to other kids about your feelings would help you if you had gone through a disaster? Tell us what you think by commenting!

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