Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Never Thought You'd Travel Here and Be Back in Time for Dinner...Until Now!

(Left) Llamas in Peru, overlooking Machu Picchu, one of the rare wonders of South America! Photo by Jerry Daykin
Summer is almost over for most of the kids across America, but as back-to-school sweeps the land, we hope you’ll find some time to do a little armchair-traveling! Don’t worry: While the author of the articles had to endure a long trip, plane rides, and perilous adventures, for you, adventure’s only a click away!

In the soaring, sky-high mountains of Brazil, South America, there lays a deserted city, enshrouded in mystery and historical wonder: Machu Picchu. Perhaps even more wonderful than this ancient city is the tales of the travels there…all through a kids’ eye-view! Feel the rush, adventure, and awe of traveling to a treasure of the ancient remains of a civilization, lost in the pages of history, in Brazil. Experience the culture, and read up on some pretty neat (and perilous!) journeys through the chronicled adventures of a kid who got to see it all…and sent back the photographs for everyone to enjoy! Read all about it on National Geographic Kids’ blog, and enjoy the adventure from the comfort of your home! Who knows? Maybe you’ll need the tips, especially if you go there yourself, someday!

Speaking of photography, keep your cameras on (as long as they don’t run out of battery juice! :-)); Amazing Kids! will soon be hosting a photography contest for kids who do amazing things next month! Check back soon for the details!

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